About Us

Top Dog Carts


is a leading manufacturer of hot dog carts, mobile food carts, specialty food carts and concession carts. For over 25 years our goal has been to engineer the most efficient, durable and attractive carts money can buy. Our commitment to these principles is why we continue to be nationally recognized for the quality and dependability of our products.

Top Dog Carts offers a variety of services for mobile food vendors and concessionaires including custom vending carts, graphic design and marketing services.

Learn more about Top Dog Cart construction and engineering at TopDogCarts.com

All Top Dog Carts and custom accessories are proudly made in USA

What makes us the best?

  • We design, engineer and manufacture our carts in our Central Florida facility.
  • Top Dog Carts are known for their cutting edge functionality, flexibility and durability.
  • Only the highest quality materials and equipment are used to construct our carts.
  • We listen to our clients and provide customizations - including graphics and accessories.
  • Our carts have a low, sleek profile that allows face-to-face customer contact, ease of movement and safe access on all sides.
  • The most efficient kitchen area on the market! It's convenient to operate with large storage capacity. We also offer versatile equipment floor plans designed with high food production in mind.
  • Our unique detatchable tow bar provides for a safe and non-obstructed operation, reducing potential commercial liabilities.
  • Financing available